Select status on subscribers for External Audiences

Introducing Enhanced Audience Segmentation: Target Inactive Subscribers on External Audiences!

Hello Rule Users,

We're thrilled to unveil a powerful new feature designed to supercharge your marketing efforts: Segment on Subscriber Status in Facebook Audience! Now, you can seamlessly re-engage inactive members through alternative communication channels like Meta and Google custom audience, all within Rule.

What's New?

Enhanced Audience Segmentation: Take control of your subscriber data like never before. With this update, you can now segment subscribers based on their status, making it easier to target inactive members who have opted out of your newsletters.

Streamlined Workflow: Say goodbye to manual processes! Simply select a segment, navigate to 'Connect Facebook Audiences', and choose 'Unsubscribed'. From there, you can efficiently export these addresses and create a targeted audience for marketing initiatives via Facebook.

Why Does It Matters?

Proactive Re-engagement: Don't let inactive subscribers slip through the cracks. With the ability to segment based on subscriber status, you can proactively reach out to former members and re-engage them in new and effective ways.

Efficiency: Save time and resources with our streamlined workflow. No more toggling between platforms or manual data entry – everything you need is right at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on driving results.

Increased Reach: Expand your reach beyond email and reach your audience where they are most active. By leveraging Facebook custom audiences, you can continue to connect with former members and drive meaningful engagement.

Ready to unlock the power of Enhanced Audience Segmentation? Try out this feature today and discover new opportunities to reach and engage your audience!

Best regards,

Filip Gerhamn

Head of Product, Rule Communication

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