Transactional Automations

We are excited to announce a powerful new feature in Rule: Transactional Automations. This update ensures that your crucial transactional communications are always delivered, even to members who have opted out of receiving other emails. Here’s everything you need to know:

How It Works:

Set as Transactions: Within Rule, you can now mark specific automations, such as order confirmations, contract changes, and other transactional messages, as "Transactions". This enchantment ensures that these vital emails are always sent, regardless of the recipient's subscription status.

Guaranteed Delivery: By marking these automations as transactions, you comply with legal requirements to ensure that essential communications, like order confirmations, reach your customers without fail. This feature is especially crucial for maintaining clear and consistent communication during the customer purchase process.

Why It Matters

Legal Compliance: Ensuring that transactional emails are always delivered helps you comply with laws and regulations regarding customer communications. This means your customers will always receive important information about their transactions, maintaining trust and satisfaction.

Improved Customer Experience: With guaranteed delivery of transactional emails, your customers will always be informed about their orders and any contract changes. This reliability enhances their overall experience and confidence in your services.

What’s Next?

Ready to Get Started? The new Transactional Automations feature is now live and ready for you to apply! Ensure that your transactional emails and other essential communications are always delivered. Just go to your automations and select type Transactional or Marketing. Marketing automations is for all your other automations.

Best regards,

Filip Gerhamn

Head of Product, Rule Communication

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