Automatic Tagging upon Completion of Automation Flows

We are happy to introduce a powerful new feature in Rule: the ability to add tags automatically when an automation flow is finished. This enhancement ensures a seamless transition and initiation of subsequent automations, making your marketing efforts even more efficient and effective.


How It Works:

Automatic Tagging: You can now designate tags to be applied automatically upon the completion of specific automation flows. For instance, once a subscriber completes an onboarding flow, a tag such as "Onboarding_Completed" can be applied. This tag can then serve as a trigger for initiating follow-up automation flows, enabling a seamless continuation of your marketing efforts.

Efficient Campaign Management: By utilizing automatic tagging, you can effortlessly transition subscribers from one automation flow to the next. This feature streamlines your campaign management, ensuring that subscribers receive timely and relevant content based on their engagement and interactions.

Why It Matters:

Enhanced Customer Experience: With automatic tagging, you can deliver personalized recommendations and special offers to subscribers as soon as they complete an initial automation flow. This ensures that your audience receives content that is both timely and relevant, significantly enhancing their overall experience and engagement with your brand.

Increased Efficiency: Automating the tagging process saves you time and reduces the potential for manual errors. It allows your marketing team to focus on creating high-quality content and strategizing for future campaigns, rather than managing transitions between automation flows.

What’s Next?

Ready to Get Started? The new automatic tagging feature is now live and ready for you to implement! To start using this feature, simply go to your automation settings and designate the tags you want to be applied upon the completion of specific flows. Leverage this tool to ensure your subscribers are continuously engaged with relevant content tailored to their interests.

We are confident that this new feature will significantly enhance your marketing automation capabilities, providing a more streamlined and effective way to manage your campaigns.

Best regards, 

Filip Gerhamn 

Head of Product, Rule Communication

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