New Feature – Copy A/B Test Email Campaigns

We are excited to introduce a new feature that enhances your A/B testing capabilities. You can now easily copy your A/B test email campaigns, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in your marketing efforts. 

Key Features:

  • Copy A/B Test Campaigns: Quickly duplicate your existing A/B test campaigns to save time and streamline your workflow.
  • Select Specific Versions: Choose which version of the A/B test you want to copy, including the option to copy the winning version. This allows you to easily reuse and optimize successful campaigns.

How It Works:

  1. Navigate to your campaigns list: In your campaign dashboard, find the A/B test campaign you wish to copy.
  2. Select the Copy Option: Click on the copy icon next to your desired A/B test campaign.
  3. Choose the Version: A dialog will appear, allowing you to select which version (A, B, or the winning version) you want to copy.
  4. Edit and Launch: Make any necessary edits to your copied campaign and launch it to your audience.

This new feature aims to enhance your marketing automation experience by making it easier to replicate and build upon your successful email campaigns.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our platform and look forward to seeing how it helps you achieve even greater marketing success.

Best regards, 

Filip Gerhamn 

Head of Product, Rule Communication

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