Basis for template order

In this article, we will go through how the basis for a template order should look.

When we create the template for you, we test it in all common email clients and devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. The cost for a custom template is 2500 SEK, and the delivery time is approximately 2 weeks. In case of changes to the order, the delivery time may be extended.

We accept your material as a Figma project at We will then respond with a confirmation after reviewing the material and placing the order in the queue.

Important: Since our developers do not speak Swedish, all material and comments must be in English.

The basis:

1. Max width - 680px - For optimal display across all email clients.

2. Layout - The template should be created in clear separate blocks, see example here.

3. Fonts - Standard web fonts are supported in all email clients. If you wish to use other fonts, there is no guarantee
they will be supported. Refer to web-safe fonts.

4. Background color - Use only color codes (hex codes) for the background and not images. Images are not supported by all email clients and may not be displayed.

5. Social media icons - Links to your social media profiles.

6. Responsiveness - Responsive or non-responsive. A non-responsive template means the template is not adapted for mobile view.

Adjustments to the template:

1. After delivery, you can provide feedback with changes within 30 days. This includes 2 rounds of revisions. We accept desired adjustments clearly listed as bullet points in English in a Word document. This document should be sent to

2. Once these 30 days have passed, there will be a cost for template adjustments, 1450 SEK/hour. Contact us with the document and we will provide a clear estimate.

Things to consider:

1. Text and images overlaid on another image are not technically supported. In this case, create the image as desired in software like Photoshop and upload it as a regular image.

2. More advanced styling, such as rounded corners and shadowing on images and buttons, has limited support in email clients.

3. You can learn more about newsletter templates here!

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