Your first Marketing Automation

Automation works just like the name suggests, something happens automatically. By replacing manual processes with automated ones, you save time, increase efficiency, and take advantage of the opportunities that Marketing Automation opens up for.Here you can read more about what marketing automation is.In Rule, you can send automated SMS and email.

  1. Click on 'Automations'
  2. And then on 'New automation'

  1. Name your automation flow
  2. Choose what you want to trigger your automation on, tag or segment, if you are unsure what the difference is, you can read the explanation here
  3. Choose which trigger, tag or segment
  4. Click on 'Add a message'

Choose email or SMS

In the next step, you will choose a template, you can choose from your own or the library of templates available in Rule

  1. Write 'Sender', can be name, company or organization as well as sender address.
  2. Enter your 'Subject'
  3. You can see how your message will look by clicking on the 'Preview' button
  4. Remember to always save your email, you can either Save and go back to Automations
  5. Or 'Save' the message and continue editing

After you have created your email and saved it, you will see that your first email is in your automation flow.

Here you can see different icons, "Edit", "Statistics" and "Delete"

  1. Editallows you to go back to the editor to adjust your email if you need to make any changes.
  2. Statisticsshows how many times the message has been sent and to which subscribers.
  3. Deletecompletely deletes the message from the automation.

Through the clock icon, you can also choose a delay for the message.

After you have completed your flow as you want it, double check that everything in the flow is checked as "Active".

When you feel completely ready and want the flow to start sending, click on "Activate" for the entire flow, then it will be moved from "Inactive" to "Active".

After moving your flow from inactive to active, you have created your first Automation. Well done! We hope this guide can help you improve your Marketing Automation strategy!undefined

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