Discount codes in Rule

You can easily upload discount codes within Rule that you can then use in your campaigns.

The advantage of using this feature is that you get an overview of how many discount codes are left and/or have been used, so you know when you need to upload new ones.


Before uploading the discount codes, make sure they are stored in a text file with the .txt format.

Each discount code in the text file should be separated by a new line as shown in the image.

Upload discount codes

1. If you click on Settings in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your account name in the top right corner, you will see Discount Codes in the menu on the left.

2. Click on Add Group, and give the group a name, for example the name of the automation. (No spaces in the name and do not use "Å", "Ä" or "Ö")

3. Once you have created your group, it's time to upload the discount codes. Click Upload and select the text file with the discount codes.

To see the number of codes under Quantity, you need to refresh or reload the page.

5. Now you are done uploading the discount codes!

The number of remaining codes will be shown under Quantity. Every time you use a discount code in a campaign, one code will be deducted.

To delete a group of discount codes, first click on Empty, and then on Delete.

Adding more discount codes

When the number of discount codes starts to run low, it's time to upload more.

Click on Upload for the discount code you want to add more of and select the text file with the new codes, when done, the new number will be shown under Quantity. The new discount codes will simply be added to the existing ones.

Using discount codes in your campaigns

To add the discount codes to your campaigns, you need to copy the URL that links to them.

1. Click on Copy Link. This will copy the selected URL to your clipboard, which you can then easily paste into your campaigns.

The copied URL will look like this:


2. When creating your campaign, paste the URL into the editor where you want the discount code to appear.

3. Now you are done adding the discount code to your campaign! What the recipient will see is this:

Get notified when discount codes are running low

To ensure that your campaigns include discount codes and have not run out, we have a feature called notifications. This way, you can receive a notification within Rule, via email and SMS. You can read more about Rule notifications here.undefined

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