Starweb integration

With Starweb integrated to Rule, you can collect order history, customer, product, and behavioral data, which gives you insights for segmented, personalized, automated, and data-driven communication.

The integration was developed together with our partner Bosbec. To get started, you need to activate the connection in a few simple steps. Follow the guide below.

We will go through:

  1. Installation
  2. Events sent to Rule
  3. Data fields sent to Rule
  4. E-commerce automations
  5. Language of subscribers


Log in to your Starweb account and retrieve the following information:

Store name:

Store ID: This is a link at Starweb, it looks like this:

Client ID: This is the field on the far left, in our example sharespine.vismaspcs

Client secret: This is the third field from the left side. We strongly recommend not sending this in plain text, use e.g. to create a one-time link

For more information, you can follow this guide.

Events sent to Rule

Tag in RuleDescriptionData sent to Rule
OrderCompletedWhen one or more items have been added to the shopping cart and the order has not yet been completedSubscriber & Order Data

Data fields sent to Rule

Subscriber Fields


Order Fields


E-commerce automations

When the e-commerce platform is connected to Rule, you can set up automations for triggering events in Starweb. In this article, we have described common e-commerce automations.

Language of subscribers

In this article, we explain how you can personalize your communications based on the language set for each subscriber.

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