Journey Builder - Introduction

In this article, we will give you an introduction on how to navigate within Journey Builder. The purpose of Journey Builder is to allow you to communicate more efficiently with fewer send-outs. When setting up a Journey, you will be able to build multiple flows, called "lanes", with both email and SMS send-outs. If a subscriber or customer matches with multiple segments in your Journey, for example if you have set up communication about "News", "Back-in-stock", and an "Offer", this will be sent as one long email to the subscriber/customer instead of three separate send-outs. We also recommend that you read our Journey Builder - Getting Started guide before you begin.

We will cover:

  1. How to navigate within Journey Builder
  2. Tips before getting started
  3. How our editor works

How to navigate within Journey Builder

Everything within the highlighted area is called "Journeys"

In your "Journey", you have something called "Lanes", or flows, and you can have unlimited lanes in your Journey.

Inside your "Journey", you add a "Header" and "Footer". Also called "Header" or "Footer". You only do this here and never within the actual emails.

  1. Here you can find the "Header"
  2. Here you can find the "Footer"

Here you choose the "Trigger"

When you click on the "Trigger", you will get different options. If you choose the highlighted options, namely "Relative date" and "Annual", you need to select custom fields.

  1. Here you can see the "Last send-out" and when the "Next send-out" will be
  2. Here you can see "Sent", "Opened", and "Opened links"
  3. Preview
  4. Click on "+" if you want to add more emails or SMS in your lane
  5. Here you can clearly see that this is an SMS send-out
  6. Here you can clearly see that this is an email
  7. This whole section is called "Content-set"
  8. Choose "Segment"
  9. Preview only one email
  10. Statistics for only this email
  11. Choose after how many days this email should be triggered, in this case after 21 days
  12. Activate/Deactivate specific emails in your lane
  13. Activate/Deactivate the entire Journey
  14. Click there to go to statistics
  15. Delete entire Journey

  1. "Switch", for example you can choose segment "Gender: Female"
  2. "Switch", for example you can choose segment "Gender: Male". Then you can make the same email but change images to be tailored for product images for women vs men
  3. Editor
  4. Here you can see which "Widgets", or blocks, are in the email
  5. Here you can see all "Widgets", there are "Standard" or if you have any custom Widgets

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