Switch - change selected parts of your mailing

In this article, we will go through what a switch is and how you can use this function in Rule.

We will cover:

  1. What is a switch?
  2. How to set up switches?
  3. Examples of when to use switches

What is a switch?

Switch is a function that allows you to separate sections/offers in your campaign for different selected segments. By using this function, you can easily choose which tag, segment, or custom field should display desired content.

You have Switch installed in your template and can choose which parts of your campaign should be shown to different recipients. Perhaps you want to change an offer, a headline, or an image. With Switches, you can choose to base your versions on either segments, tags, or custom fields. If you choose to base Switch on custom fields, only one custom field will be used for this purpose.

How to set up a switch?

In this example, we want to target those who did not open our first onboarding email to give them a chance to access the information we sent in the first email.

Open the campaign or automation where you want to add selected parts of the campaign, and click on the block where you want to add a switch as shown in the image below.

The first version of the block can be designed as your default option, meaning if customers do not match any of the other switches you will create, they will always see the content displayed in this block.

For example, like this:

Then click on '+' to add a new option.

Here you have the option to choose whether you want to create an option based on a tag, filter/segment, or custom field.

  1. Tag
  2. Filter/Segment
  3. Here you can browse and choose from any of your custom fields.

We have previously created a segment with subscribers who 'Did not open automation 1', so we choose:

  1. Filter/segment
  2. And the segment we had created for 'Did not open automation 1'.

Then you can continue to add more options by clicking on '+' if you want.

Examples of when to use switches

  1. Target the same campaign but change the content for men or women
  2. Target content to those who have shown interest in different types of products
  3. Target content to different age groups
  4. Target content based on activity
  5. Target content based on amount limit or number of orders

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