Sift Lab integration

Take your digital marketing to the next level by combining Sift Labs powerful platform for segmentation and personalization with your Rule account. Export segments from Sift Lab directly to Rule as tags and target your marketing. Use personalized product recommendations directly in your email campaigns or automations, meaning personalized content for each recipient.

We will go through the integration in 2 parts:

  1. Export segments from Sift Lab to Rule
  2. Personalized product recommendations

Export segments

  1. Log into your Rule account > Settings > Developer > Create new API key > Name the API key > Copy the API key
  2. Send the API key to your contact person at Sift Lab so it can be added correctly to your account.
  3. The user identifier used in Rule must be present as user metadata in the Sift Lab platform. The default identifier is in Rule. Provide us with the information at if you are using a custom identifier.

Once everything is in place, you will have a new export destination available called "Rule" when exporting a segment from your platform. Exported segments will appear as tags in Rule where you can send targeted messages to the newly created tag.

You will also be able to filter on unsubscription status from Rule when creating segments in your Sift Lab platform. These are the available fields. They have either the value 1 (unsubscribed) or 0 (not subscribed).

  1. rule_email_campaign_unsub
  2. rule_email_transactional_unsub
  3. rule_sms_campaign_unsub
  4. rule_sms_transactional_unsub

Personalized product recommendations

When everything is in place, you can send personalized emails dynamically filled with product recommendations from Sift Lab. Having multiple templates for custom recommendations can be a step towards taking it even further. Create multiple profiles with specific business rules and let Rule create a template for each one. Add categorized blocks with custom recommendations in your content where you filter recommendations based on specific category data.

  1. Make sure that your user data in Rule includes the user identifier used in Sift Lab. If it is not already included, make sure to include it in your export to Rule. Rule will use this ID to retrieve recommendations from the Sift Lab platform.
  2. Choose which product metadata Rule should have access to. Rule uses OG tags found on web pages as product data for recommendations. Either we deliver OG tags from product pages on your website or from your product metadata on the Sift Lab platform.
  3. Create an API profile inside the Sift Lab platform. This allows you to configure the recommendations used by Rule directly from the platform.
  4. Create an API key inside the Sift Lab platform with access to the API profile created in the previous step. This is done under the settings menu / Account / API keys.
  5. Contact Rule for a custom email template that uses personalized recommendations and provide them with a link to the profile with recommendations from your platform in the form: example:

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