Examples of automations

In this article, we will go through different types of Automations you can set up.

We will cover the following:

1. Welcome email

2. Happy Birthday

3. Digital gift cards

Don´t you know how to create an automation? We have an article here where we go through how to set up your first automation step by step. 

Welcome email

Here's an example of how you can structure an email to be sent to new members who register. To set up this automation, you'll need the tag where your new members land after completing their registration.

1. Name your automation loop

2. Choose a trigger, in this case, we took the tag 'Newsletter'

3. Add more emails or SMS to this automation if you want

4. Set a time for how long after new members land in the tag or segment the email should be sent out

5. When you're done, activate the email

6. And don't forget to activate the entire automation loop!

Happy birthday

In this example, we want our members to receive a congratulatory email 1 day before their birthday to offer a discount code as a gift.

  1. Name your automation
  2. Choose a trigger, in this case we chose our tag 'All members' because we want this automation to be sent to all our members
  3. Create the email
  4. Click on the clock to make settings

  1. Choose 'Custom delay'
  2. Choose number of days
  3. Choose if it's 'Before' or 'After' a person's birthday the email should be sent
  4. Choose the member field 'Birthday'. If you have that information on a different member field, choose it.
  5. Check if you want it to repeat annually
  6. What time of day do you want it to be sent out
  7. Confirm

Psst... Don't forget to activate the email and the entire automation loop after you're done!

Digital gift cards

One of the most common but also important transactional emails is receipts. For Rule to be able to send receipts, we need the "Event" of an order being placed. Then the tag OrderCompleted is added to the member, along with order data. All of this is set up automatically when the E-commerce integration is in place.

Create a new automation

  1. Name your automation loop
  2. Choose trigger OrderCompleted, or OrderShipped depending on which automation you are setting up
  3. Set the timing for your communications
  4. Activate the communication
  5. Activate the entire automation loop

When you click on "Add email", you will be presented with different templates to choose from. If you have your own "Order Confirmation" or "Shipping Confirmation" template, use those. Otherwise, there are templates available to everyone that you can use.

Please note that while you are creating your layout for how it should look, it will not appear the same in the email builder as when it is sent out live, as the template retrieves order data from your e-commerce system.

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