How to use the campaign editor with Super Template

In this article, we will go through how you can make simple changes and styling in the template called "Custom Super Template", but you can also make these changes in your other templates. We recommend that you start by setting up your Brand Style before reading this article, if you are going to use "Custom Super Template" as your template.

We will go through:

  1. Add button
  2. Remove a block, move up or down, or add a duplicate
  3. How to pull in content from your website
  4. Links
  5. What are advanced settings? (that are not advanced)
  6. Change color on the 'Rate your experience' block

Add button

If you want to change the color of all buttons, we recommend that you do so in Brand Style. Then there is a "Simple Button" you can use.

Note that you do this in Campaigns, Automations, or Journey Builder.

There is a "button icon" in the editor that you can always use. It is circled in the upper right corner, click on it!

Then you will see this view. Here you determine how the button should look.

  1. Choose text for the button
  2. Insert your URL
  3. Choose text size
  4. Choose Border Radius, which is how rounded the corners of the button should be
  5. Choose background color for the button
  6. Click 'OK' when you are done

As you can see, the button appears there. If you want to change the text color or make the text bold, etc., you can do so in the editor that is circled. Done!

Remove a block, move it up or down, or add a duplicate

Click on the desired block you want to remove, move up/down, or add a duplicate

  1. If you click here, you add a duplicate block of the one you have selected
  2. If you click on the trash can, you remove the selected block
  3. If you click on the arrows up and down, you move the selected block

How to pull in content from your website

By using Open Graph meta tags, you can control what is retrieved from your website when a certain link is placed in a block when creating your campaigns. The Open Graph feature in Rule is based on the same logic as when sharing a link on social media and wanting to have control over how the content from the link is displayed. In order for the Open Graph drag and drop to work, your website needs to support OG and the attributes for image, link, and text must be added for us to capture them.

You can check this with your web administrator. As long as the support exists on your website, you can use this feature in your campaigns.

And drag it in this way:

Drag and drop feed example from Rule on Vimeo.


Select the ones you want to link, and then click on the link icon.

You will then get this view, in the field "URL", you enter your URL. Then click "OK", and you will have a link in your campaign.

You can also choose to link to an email address, so when a customer/subscriber clicks on the link, they will get an email that they can send.

  1. Select 'Link type' to 'Email'
  2. Enter the email address you want to link to
  3. You can pre-determine a subject line for the customer, for example in this case "I want to book a demo", and the same with the field below, you can choose a pre-determined beginning of the email to make it easier for the customer. You can choose to ignore both of these fields.
  4. Then click 'OK'

What are 'Advanced settings'?

By clicking on the 'Advanced settings' button, you are given the opportunity to manually change some pre-set settings.

  1. Underlined links. By default, they are not underlined, but you can change this by selecting "Yes" or "No".
  2. Global link colors mean that you can manually specify color codes according to your preferences, to match your graphic profile.
  3. Layout for images - removes margins around images in, for example, Gmail.

Then you select the settings you want to make.

Change the color of the 'Rate your experience' block


Start by selecting all the stars or the ones you want to change color for

  1. Then click on the circled icon
  2. You can choose the colors that are visible or click on "More colors.."

  1. Write your color code here
  2. Then click "OK" to save

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