"Strategic Guide for Winning Back Customers"

Winback: Give the customer a reason to come back

Just because a customer hasn't made a purchase or shown interest in your company for a while, doesn't mean that the customer is lost. There is still potential for previous customers to return and make purchases, it's just about giving them the right incentives. By using customized Winback emails as part of your Marketing Automation strategy, you can do just that. Instead of immediately removing inactive subscribers or customers from your database, a series of Winback emails can be a powerful tool for re-engaging them. It's a last attempt to reconnect with customers and encourage them to return to your company

Why send Win-back emails?

Retain customers

Selling to existing customers is generally easier than attracting new customers. This is because the company has already established a relationship with the customer. Convincing an existing customer to buy again usually requires less effort and resources compared to attracting a new customer.


It is economically beneficial to retain existing customers. It costs 4-10 times more to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. Companies can increase their profitability by investing in an effective Win-back strategy to retain their hard-earned customers.

Boosts sales

Winning back customers who were previously thought to be lost can significantly increase sales. A strategic Win-back marketing increases the chances of reviving interest in these customers.

Tips for effective Win-back emails:

Use segmentation

Your customers will appreciate your emails much more if they are directly relevant to them. By smoothly segmenting the customer list, you can create subcategories based on different criteria such as the time since their last purchase, their average purchase value, any negative experiences they have had, or the number of purchases per year. These segments could include:

How long ago their purchase was

Low, medium or high-valued customers (based on average purchase value)

  1. Customers who have had negative experiences
  2. Number of purchases per year
  3. Provide the customer with a solution
  4. There are several reasons why a customer has not made any purchases in a while. Instead of guessing what the reason might be, it is best to directly ask the customer. Give them the opportunity to choose the type of emails they want to receive and how often they want to receive them. Also include a feedback form to gather valuable insights that can be used to tailor future communication with the customer.

Highlight the benefits

Win back your customers by highlighting the value and benefits of your product. For example, if the company offers a software service where you can upload photos and the customer has not uploaded any photos yet, you can highlight the benefits of using your service to store photos. Or if the company offers a product with clear advantages compared to competitors on the market, you can emphasize these benefits in your win back email.

Use personalization

Personalization is a must in email marketing. It improves engagement such as clicks and conversions. Customers will appreciate you using their name in an email to them, instead of "Hello there". It creates a more personal connection with the customer.

Personalize by:

Addressing the customer by name

Showing purchase history

  1. Using personalized product recommendations
  2. Send more than one email
  3. There is no magic email that can engage every unengaged customer. Therefore, you should not send just one email, but create a series of several emails. Send multiple different emails over a certain period of time to try to re-engage customers. Create a win back flow using advanced Marketing Automation in Rule.

Limited time offer

Offer these customers who haven't shopped in a while, great limited-time discount offers. Or why not give a gift? A good tactic is to make the discount clear, by specifying it in the subject line. Use the discount as a final step in your Winback strategy, as some customers may consider reactivating even without a discount. When conveying a limited-time offer, SMS is an excellent channel to do so through.How to set up Winback flows in RuleClick here to see how to set up a Winback flow in automations

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