Tweakwise integration

By integrating Tweakwise with Rule, you can send product recommendations. This enables you to send targeted mailings based on what your customers are interested in, which in turn can increase sales for your e-commerce.

Read more about the integration between Rule and Tweakwise here >

We will cover:

  1. Installation in Rule
  2. Extended functionality
  3. Technical reference

Installation in Rule

For your mailings to be able to fetch product recommendations, your template needs to support XML objects. If you do not already have this, you can contact our support at for assistance. Also, include your unique URL for product recommendations, which you can find in your Tweakwise account.

You can update the template yourself if you have HTML knowledge. In the section below titled "Technical reference," you can read about how to proceed.

Extended Functionality

To use extended functionality for personalized product recommendations, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Tweakwise account.
  2. Export a list with customer data that contains their "profile key."
  3. Log in to your Rule account.
  4. Import the list to update the information on the subscribers. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can follow this step-by-step guide!
  5. Ensure that your template supports this. You can read about how to proceed under the section "Technical reference," or email our support at for assistance.

Once you have done this, your subscribers will have updated data on their customer profiles, allowing you to send personalized product recommendations.

Technical Reference

If you have HTML knowledge, you can add the code yourself to your existing template to include product recommendations.

To do this, you need to request access to the "Template Editor" in Rule. If your user does not already have access to this, you can email to request it.

Then, you add the following code, in the HTML part, but change it to your "profile key" as you see it inside your Tweakwise account.

Example link from Tweakwise

Code examples for templates

 || recommendation.items.item]]-->

Link format for advanced usage:

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