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Forms Import subscribers In what format must phone numbers be written when importing? Export subscribers from a tag or segment How does Rule handle duplicates of email addresses? Delete subscribers after import Update subscriber data for existing customer What does the statistics mean after an import of subscribers? Reactivate a customer Can you change a subscriber's email address? What counts as a subscriber activity? How do I find a specific subscriber/customer? What are an active Subscriber in Rule? What is a custom field and how do I use it? How does a suppressed list work? What does a blocked subscriber mean? I have imported subscribers, but they are blocked? How do I delete subscribers and all their data? Remove or block one or more subscribers Why do subscribers need to confirm their registration? Why are there more subscribers than the number of people receiving mailings? Why am I receiving exported files in CSV format? Use of language as subscriber data What should I consider before importing my file with subscribers? Rule BotStop - Spam protection via API Who has unsubscribed subscribers in our account Filter by multiple values, e.g. multiple interests with multi-select import Why do subscribers need to confirm their subscription?

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