In I Rule, you can easily collect important customer information by using forms. A concrete example is that you can easily collect email addresses through signup fields on your website. By doing this, you create a channel for communication with your subscribers.

Setting up forms

  1. Click on 'Subscribers'
  2. Then on 'Forms'

Choose 'New form'in the top right corner

  1. Fill in 'Name'. The name of the form is only for you as a user and will not be visible in the actual form.
  2. Choose which 'Tag' the subscribers should be imported to upon sign-up. For example, Newsletter, if you do not have a tag already, you can create one in this step by writing a suitable name and then clicking on '+'.
  3. Choose 'Language' for your subscribers. This can be useful if you communicate in multiple languages.
  4. The email field for subscribers is always set as default and cannot be removed. You can add more custom fields and choose if they should be mandatory or optional to fill in.


  1. Request consent. We recommend that you do this so that the potential subscriber must click and approve that they will receive communication from you, in accordance with GDPR.
  2. Under 'Require consent' you add your consent text.
  3. Enter your 'Link URL', in this example we add a privacy policy.
  4. In this field, you write your "Link text", which is the word that will be linked to the privacy policy.
  5. Check 'reCAPTCHA'. It is used as a protection to determine if it is a human or robot trying to sign up. It protects you from spam, password encryption, and bots.

Then click 'Save and continue' in the top right corner

Choose template for confirmation email

Choose which template you want to use to design your email for new subscribers to confirm their sign-up.

Sender settings

  1. The next step is to create the email that will be sent out when a customer signs up through the form you have created. Fill in 'Name, company, or organization'
  2. Fill in sender's email
  3. Fill in 'UTM_campaign', if you are unsure what it is you can read more here! This field can be ignored if you do not want to track the email.
  4. Fill in 'Custom UTM_term', if you are unsure what it is you can read more here! This field can be ignored if you do not want to track the email.
  5. Write a headline

Design email

If you want to read more about how the editor works, you can do so here!

  1. Copy the "Opt-in link"
  2. Insert the opt-in link in a button

An "opt-in" link in an email usually refers to a link or button that allows the recipient to actively consent or "opt-in" to receive communication from the sender. It is an important part of the principle of consent in email marketing and GDPR.

Registration links

By default, Rule has generic landing pages for successful and unsuccessful registrations. Here you can add your own landing pages. By own landing pages, we mean pages that you create through your website provider. We have gathered more information about landing pages here.

  1. URL for unsuccessful registration
  2. URL for successful registration
  3. URL for successful confirmation

Successful registration=successful sign up, successful confirmation=landing page customers land on when they click on the opt-in link in the email

Then click on "Save and continue" in the upper right corner!

Copy HTML code

In the final step, the HTML code for the finished form is displayed. Click on copy and paste it in the desired location on your website.

The code also includes a CSS block that you can easily customize to match your graphic profile. If you are unsure how to do this, hand over the code to the responsible person in your organization who manages your website.

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