Filter by multiple values, e.g. multiple interests with multi-select import

We have made the custom fields more flexible. Especially for cases where the custom fields can consist of multiple parameters, there is now the possibility to import multiple choice options. This will be very helpful for filtering based on interests. Your subscribers may not only have one area of interest. If you offer trips, the customer may like both beach vacations and winter adventures, and may also be interested in golf trips. To maintain relevance in your communication with the customer, it is therefore important to capture this.

In the file that you import, you create a separate column with a name that matches the custom field with multiple choices. For each subscriber, you can then add multiple choices by separating them with the character "|". See example "pants | shirt | shorts |" below:

After importing, you can go to a subscriber card and double check that they look correct.


  1. The work with the subscriber club becomes smarter with easier subscriber administration.
  2. You can more easily control the content for the recipients, such as B2B or B2C content.

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