Remove or block one or more subscribers

In this article we will go through how to delete or suppresse one or more subscribers at the same time in Rule. You can choose to supresse subscribers from both your SMS and email campaigns or just one of them.

We will go through:

  1. Supresse a subscriber (Options 1 & 2)
  2. Supresse multiple subscribers

Supresse a subscriber option 1

In the subscribers section, search for the subscriber you want to supresse or unsubscribe

  1. Then click on the three dots on the right
  2. Select 'Supresse'

  1. Choose what you want to unsubscribe the subscriber for

Supresse a subscriber option 2

In the subscribers section, search for the subscriber you want to supresse or unsubscribe and click on it.

Here you can see the subscriber's customer card. Click on "Unsubscribes" in the top right corner

Then choose what you want to block the subscriber for and click 'Save'

Supresse multiple subscribers

  1. Click on 'Subscribers'
  2. Then go to 'Import subscribers'
  3. Upload a list of the subscribers you want to block
  4. Then click on 'Next step'

  1. Add the subscribers to a tag
  2. Then 'Next step'

  1. Click on 'Supresse subscribers'
  2. Check the boxes for what you want to block the subscribers for
  3. Confirm
  4. Then complete the import

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