Setting up 'Dynamic list' to retrieve content

In this article, we will go through step by step how to get started with retrieving content from your website or e-commerce using the "Dynamic list". With a dynamic list, you can customize the content in your mailings to fill in different blocks in a template. These lists can, for example, be based on behavioral data, retrieve articles, or specific information retrieved from your website. Dynamic lists connect the content that customers show interest in on your website and automatically apply it in your mailings.

> You can retrieve content used in templates in several ways, to find the way that suits you click here!

We will go through:

  1. What you need to set up internally
  2. Guide on how to use 'Dynamic list' in Rule

What you need to set up internally

  1. Make sure the pages to be read are Open Graph optimized
  2. Determine which Open Graph tags you want. For example, 'title', 'description', 'image', and 'URL' (reference list available below)
  3. Create a publicly accessible page with a JSON list of the web pages we want to retrieve. The page you set up should look like the example below
  4. Finally, you need to order a template update from Rule (you do this at that adds a dynamic block to your template for a fee. Clearly describe which Open Graph tags you want in your order.

Here is an example of Open Graph tags that can be retrieved from your website. To add, you do not need to send it like this in your order, this is just an example. You can write down the properties you want directly in the order, which you send to

Standard tag > template code

  1. og:title > title
  2. og:image > image
  3. og:url > url
  4. og:description > content

Other tags > template code

  1. og:customTag > og.customTag
  2. product:customTag > product.customTag

When everything is ready, you can start sending your campaigns and let the flow automatically arrange itself in the correct order in your mailings. 

Guide on how to use 'Dynamic list'

When you have an updated template that contains a block with support for "Dynamic list", it automatically reads the content into your mailings, without any extra work.

Here is an example of what a dynamic flow looks like in the mail builder vs how it looks when the recipient receives the email. Keep in mind that the content is not visible when you build the email, as the content in the dynamic flow is unique for each recipient and can only be seen when they receive the email.

For questions about "Dynamic list" and more possible uses, please contact us at with a description and we will get back to you shortly.

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